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nude woman reflected in Christmas ornament

From the same batch of photos that netted this holiday gem.

(with a bauble-headed nod to the easily distracted)




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~ skin universe ~

photographic negative of dragon tattoo wrapped around navel

freckled constellations

dragon tail chases through sky


Como Se

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nude woman with knees crossed, wearing llama socks

Because it’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward.

And nothing kicks off a month-long photo fest like llama socks.



NOTE:  You will see one post daily, featuring an image I’ve created, from now through February 28.  Watch this space. 🙂

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Feve’s 5: Putting Things In Perspective

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January is, for many, a month of starting over.  A new year often means a new beginning, and it is a time during which perspective seems imperative.  Whether it’s getting a fresh perspective, seeing things from a new perspective, putting things into perspective…  The concept of perspective permeates our persons.

The following are five things I’ve found recently that relate to perspective.  I hope you’ll click through to read or view when you have a moment or two.  🙂

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At The Edge

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“Do you mind if I blindfold you?” I’d asked.

My spouse had eagerly agreed.

I’d taken taken his sight, taken photos, then taken my time — taking his hard inside my heat while he took delight in the buzzing stillness created by the unsighted heightened assuefaction of his remaining senses.

He’d taken guidance – from sound and touch, pressure and inflection, softness and sting and kinetic execution of sensory commands – until I’d felt the burst-edge beginning of my orgasm spring to life and decided it was my turn again to take.

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Have Imagination, Will Travel

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A story is the only transportation I require.

mirrored photo of bare-legged woman reading

Comfort imperative.  Clothing optional.

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woman's profile, with curly hair creating shadow on face


shadows fall unstraight,

stroking sunlit skin like wisps

of mem’ry,

chiaroscuro silhouettes

reminiscent of a lover’s touch

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