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A picture is worth a thousand moans…

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I send him a photographic story upon waking, warm arousal flushing my skin from late-night fever-hot dreams. Click. Aching nipples, pebbled against the night, distraught at the loss of his… Read more »

Hours Before Dawn

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Blue-black visions swim against my eyelids as I swim to consciousness, fingertips dipping beneath my waistband in somnambulent insistence, trailing fire against sensitive flesh, seeking sweet relief. I am slick…. Read more »


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Soft sweeps of air feather over my fevered skin, the rotating blades above the bed providing sweet relief from the heat burning inside of me. Half asleep, my fingers become… Read more »

Music To My Ears

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Warm and hard, he surges against my hand, stroking the velvet steel head of his cock against my palm with ragged breaths. “Hon,” he says with plaintive insistence, shushing his… Read more »


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Tonight I am hot skin and fevered half-dreams, ragged breaths and raw lust. My heart beats in counter-rhythm to the rain that pounds against my windowpane, the taps against the… Read more »

I am a sticky mess.

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The mercury rising outside my window has only intensified the heat between my thighs, and after three body-shaking orgasms in a row with Lady ‘Lo, I am still.not.satisfied.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.

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Your mouth, lips, tongue, fingers, and cock are for Me. They are to satisfy my needs. And honey, right now?  I.  Need.