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Birthday Suit

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I always wanted to be Wonder Woman when I grew up. No time like the (birthday) present. 😀 What do you think of my costume?  (It was a gift from… Read more »

Double Nickel

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Today is my husband’s birthday. It’s kind of a big one, which is why I didn’t mention the odd combination of shirts he was wearing this morning (short sleeved linen,… Read more »

So Watcha Want?

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So today is Monkey’s birthday.  (Those of you who don’t know Monkey, should.  He likes boobs and thinks I give good head.  😀 )  Monkey claims that if you add together the… Read more »

Third Time Better Be The Fucking Charm

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I have tried THREE TIMES to publish this post, and it hasn’t shown up on the Reader yet.  I expect the third time to be the charm.  If not, there’s… Read more »