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Chasing Tail

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I purposely drag electronics from room to room without coiling their cords, because he’s hilarious when he pounces on prongs. This particular pic demonstrates the “Wait… It stopped moving… Now… Read more »

Pussy Magnet

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The Mister wakes up every morning, covered in kitty. He’s never met a pussy he didn’t like. Or, more accurately, he’s never met a pussy that didn’t wish to crawl… Read more »

Kinky Pussy?

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My kitty (the four-legged one) is a bit of a shoe fetishist. I suppose I should be glad he’s not into water sports… 😛


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For the record:  I’m somewhat like a cat (insert pussy joke here) in that I don’t like to get dirty (playing dirty is another matter entirely) or (heh) wet.  (There are… Read more »

Chocugasms, Etc

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Generally speaking, I believe there are two things that can cure all ills. One or the other (or both in tandem) somehow manage to soothe and sustain me regardless of… Read more »


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Last week somebody found my blog using mens9″cocks as a search term.  Twice.  Spelled exactly like that.  Shorthand for inches and no spaces between words. I was equal parts amused and appalled…. Read more »