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Trituration Knees up, thighs splayed wide, my slippery wet is overriding my fingers’ desperate attempts to unhood my clit. He is between my knees, kneeling, pushing his ringed hardness (Where… Read more »

Pleasure From Pain

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{This is PART THREE of three.  Click the links for PART ONE ♦ PART TWO} It was cool for July, but the sweltering between my thighs was all the heat we needed,… Read more »

Learning a Lover

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It is a beautiful unfolding, this process.  Like so many sexual petals unfurling.  It is an exquisite evolvement, a fragile flowering. Learning a lover. It is one of my favorite… Read more »

Sent Emails (in which we discuss my vagina)

People are sometimes taken aback by the way I discuss sex.  Like it’s normal.  Like it’s just a part of life.  Like it’s funny.  And functional.  And sometimes personal. Getting… Read more »