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A picture is worth a thousand moans…

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I send him a photographic story upon waking, warm arousal flushing my skin from late-night fever-hot dreams. Click. Aching nipples, pebbled against the night, distraught at the loss of his… Read more »

I’m On Fire

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My honeyed syrup drips, sticky sweet, coating my sugared walls, coaxing your fingers further inside where their scissoring tease pulls forth my dripping wet.  My heart beats a two-syllable tattoo… Read more »


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Tonight I am hot skin and fevered half-dreams, ragged breaths and raw lust. My heart beats in counter-rhythm to the rain that pounds against my windowpane, the taps against the… Read more »


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Please. I need you.  Can you see? Look. Look at me. My cunt has a mind of her own and a voracious appetite.  Right now she’s hungry.  For you.


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Tonight I am restless. Agitated. Along the skin I am crawling out of, I feel a trail of fire where the blaze of your cool kisses last traced against my… Read more »