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Smucking The Smotch

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SMACK! This morning the Mister’s ass was too tempting to resist, SMACK! so I did what any Switch of a spouse would do, SMACK! and woke him up with a… Read more »

Numb Knees, Back Rubs, And Assgasms

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(Thank you, G.  Without your enthusiastic participation in our erotic exchanges, this blog post would not have come to be.) The pain in my lower back was quickly overriden by… Read more »

A Winter Scene

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Dazzling snowflakes pattern shadows on the ceiling, Their refracted shards of chandeliered light reflecting back On glowing pink cheeks; Striped satin skin Igniting sparks in sapphire eyes. Get on your… Read more »

Flipping His Switch

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For those of you who are regular readers, this was the prequel to Wet… * There’s hard. And there’s Hard. And then there’s HARD. (When he’s HARD, he’s hard enough… Read more »