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Event Horizons

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-OR- SUBSPACE:  The Black Hole of the D/s Universe (In which, a not-very-Domly-Domme McSpankypants shares her mental meanderings on subspace.)

F/m Radio (a D/s playlist)

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[Continued from Previous Post] While diving into the topic of D/s titles in my last post, I found myself digging through albums and playlists, looking for songs that spoke to… Read more »

Working Out The Kinks

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A conversation about Coming Out of the dungeon about your Darker Desires, with Fatal I had a discussion recently {my questions in blue} with my favorite Femme Fatal(e) about how she… Read more »

In which Feve rambles about fantasies…

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Because I’ve been meaning to write some response-to-others’-thoughts type posts. And I am avoiding doing chores. 😀 . Do you remember that song by Air Supply?  The one that spouted… Read more »

I am a sticky mess.

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The mercury rising outside my window has only intensified the heat between my thighs, and after three body-shaking orgasms in a row with Lady ‘Lo, I am still.not.satisfied.