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The intention with which you pulled against the filtered end of your cigarette, your lips sucking the death out of its spongy tip the way culture sucks down words, ignited… Read more »

Cumming Clean

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My muscled walls, dripping from our combined release, clamp against his cock as he pounds his steady demanding rhythm inside my cunt. My fingers slip, grasping for purchase between my… Read more »


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I am aching and swollen, slick with desire, lethargic from sleep, burning inside and out from hot fevered dreams. Not quite awake, not yet aware. The barrier between dreamscape and… Read more »

Edge of Morning

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You shake. It’s how I know I’m getting to you, how I know you feel me even in your half-sleep stupor. I can see your eyes slitting open against their… Read more »

A picture is worth a thousand moans…

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I send him a photographic story upon waking, warm arousal flushing my skin from late-night fever-hot dreams. Click. Aching nipples, pebbled against the night, distraught at the loss of his… Read more »

Do you?

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When you wake in the still dark, skin flushing hot from fevered dreams, do your fingertips seek mine as you surface from the depths of slumber? When your eyes flutter… Read more »