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Just Desserts

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I have a (straight, platonic) guy friend I messenger with (and to whom I send gratuitous leg shots) who, for all intents and purposes, ‘lives’ in my phone. For legal… Read more »

Soul Mates

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A friend of mine transcribed this passage (from Stephen Colbert and/or his writers) and I think it’s worth sharing.  Enjoy! A letter from your Soul Mate: Hey there.  I’m your soul… Read more »

Have you ever noticed…

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…that the syllables “hungry” and “fuck me” sound remarkably similar when mumbled into a pillow (particularly if the pillow mumblage takes place while spooning with your significant other) upon waking… Read more »

Marriage Moments

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So this morning I stumbled into the bathroom (I have an incredibly reliable internal alarm clock ~ OhmyGodIGottaPee! ~ that never fails to urge me out of bed in the… Read more »

Ruined Orgasm

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That fine point of pleasure-pain was burning up my nerve endings as I was riding the edge of orgasm…  Not quite… Not quite… Pleasepleaseplease… Concentrating on even breaths, I centered… Read more »