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Taking Him In Hand

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Handjobs I find a very particular kind of pleasure in wrapping my hands around my lover’s cock. Sometimes it is simple:  a gentle holding reach-around hug of my palm against his… Read more »


      16 Comments on Smack

It is a Santa Ana burn, salted and gusty, that whips its heat through my veins, searing a hole in my gut and charring its dry scratch tight in my… Read more »


      17 Comments on Guess

It’s unobtrusive, yes.  But that surreptitious glance tells me you’re wondering.  You’re trying to guess. And when your eyes steal their fleeting glimpses, following the seam of my jeans, your… Read more »


      16 Comments on Stormchasers

Lightning-illuminated snapshots thunder through my dreamscape, each zoom-lens freeze-frame pictorial saturated with sensory color:  pregnant skies rumbling their imminent water break, city skyline reflecting the impending dark through high-rise glass… Read more »