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It’s unobtrusive, yes.  But that surreptitious glance tells me you’re wondering.  You’re trying to guess. And when your eyes steal their fleeting glimpses, following the seam of my jeans, your… Read more »


      16 Comments on Stormchasers

Lightning-illuminated snapshots thunder through my dreamscape, each zoom-lens freeze-frame pictorial saturated with sensory color:  pregnant skies rumbling their imminent water break, city skyline reflecting the impending dark through high-rise glass… Read more »

Fingers Are For Fucking

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I watch, wide-eyed and sleep-silly, as his lube-slick hand pumps and slides, thick fingers gripping his cock, stroking for me. I’m dizzy-tired and tight-wound, giddy from the completion of travel… Read more »

Three-Ring Circus

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NOTE/WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  This post is about dicks.  Specifically, about how I prefer to use cock rings on the dicks I play with.  To be perfectly clear, I do not care about… Read more »