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Fingers Are For Fucking

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I watch, wide-eyed and sleep-silly, as his lube-slick hand pumps and slides, thick fingers gripping his cock, stroking for me. I’m dizzy-tired and tight-wound, giddy from the completion of travel… Read more »

Three-Ring Circus

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NOTE/WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  This post is about dicks.  Specifically, about how I prefer to use cock rings on the dicks I play with.  To be perfectly clear, I do not care about… Read more »

Porn-NO: An Exploration of Erotic Imagery

. …many things that are erotic to some may be lewd or crass for others…the difference between what is erotic versus what is pornographic begins with our initial neuro-association with… Read more »

A Matter Of Taste

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There are some things in life that are just things.  Taken alone, they are neither good things nor bad things.  They are just things. They can be pragmatic things or… Read more »

Kiss My Ass

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For some reason, I seem to attract men who are attracted to my ass.  Whether this has more to do with my ass in specific or with their ass-y fascinations… Read more »