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Hiding and Coming Out

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A Guest Post by Kanienke Kanienke is, to paraphrase Shrek, sort of like an onion.  To say he has layers is an understatement; just don’t expect those layers to have… Read more »

Well, I *do* love my country.

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A texted conversation with a friend whilst enjoying a nudist weekend: Him:  How’s Zuul? Me:  Nekkid! Him:  At the colony? Me:  Ha! It’s not a colony, silly. It’s a *resort*…. Read more »


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Some women refer to their partners as Hon or Sweetie or Snookums or That Bastard Who Knocked Me Up. I, however, refer to the funnily philosophical man I married a… Read more »

Ahm Nada Noodist (aka, A.N.N.)

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A.N.N. (which is Mrs. Fever’s middle name) wears clothes when she has to.  And she (we?) had to over the past few days because the male parent-type was visiting.  Which… Read more »