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“I’m hungry.” It’s a simple enough statement, but laced between those three plain syllables are intricate layers of delectable need:  the need to taste, the need to be filled, the… Read more »


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I am both too hot and too cold, restless, agitated, exhausted. I stare at the ceiling and try to track my thoughts, aligning them one by one against the sliver… Read more »

Skype Sex

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I watch his hand glide, slow and tight, all the way to the base of his cock before sliding up again, and when he pushes his swollen head against his… Read more »

A picture is worth a thousand moans…

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I send him a photographic story upon waking, warm arousal flushing my skin from late-night fever-hot dreams. Click. Aching nipples, pebbled against the night, distraught at the loss of his… Read more »

Cum for me…

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I am liquid slick, boiled down under the flame of your fingers. Molten, steamy. Slow burn reduction, simmering under your touch. I am raw senses and quivering heat, pinprick pleasure… Read more »