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I like turtles.

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Let’s pretend for a moment that defacement of nearly-new public property is not at issue here. That there is nothing troubling about the fact that somebody out there had nothing… Read more »


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That was then… When I first met the man who would become my husband, we were both very different people.  I was a month shy of 27, did not yet… Read more »

On Being Happy

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There is a misconception that runs rampant, particularly among the under-50 set, that happiness is something to be gained.  Gotten.  Achieved.  Won.  That happiness is a goal to go after,… Read more »

There Is A Lesson Here

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Chastity is taken to extremes among Buddhist monks in Burma and Thailand, specifically in that monks (male) are not supposed to interact with women in any physical way (because women… Read more »

Minding Our Own Business

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Why would two people with good jobs, congenial friends, and a home without a mortgage, suddenly abandon all these and at an age when security is the better part of… Read more »