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And You Watch…

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My flesh radiates heat, a reflection of the fiery inferno you’ve fanned inside of me. For weeks now it has been burning, searing my veins with its bright lightning flame…. Read more »

One Helluva Ride

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I am awash in sensation, my nipples pebbled wantonly against the soft cotton of my sundress.  Lucchese leather dress boots decorate my legs…which are pressed together at the knee…forcing my… Read more »


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I.  Will.  Mark.  You. YOU. Yes, Ma’am… Lust.  Desire. My body reacts. You. For.  You. You. You seduce me. I want… Want you to… MARK.  ME. ~ ~ ~ ~… Read more »

Miss Behave

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Under the warm covers, my cool fingertips caressed his bare tummy, unwittingly eliciting a bark of laughter.  The tickle was unintentional, but I love to hear him laugh (and I… Read more »