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The intention with which you pulled against the filtered end of your cigarette, your lips sucking the death out of its spongy tip the way culture sucks down words, ignited… Read more »


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In his eyes, in her gaze, in their loins. The touch that sears, that brands. The breath, hot against your skin. Burning desire. Fanned flames of lust. Embers flared to… Read more »

One Helluva Ride

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I am awash in sensation, my nipples pebbled wantonly against the soft cotton of my sundress.  Lucchese leather dress boots decorate my legs…which are pressed together at the knee…forcing my… Read more »

A Dream Upon Waking

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I feel your lips ghost against the raspberry buds of my nipples and the sweet peach enticement of my own arousal is the scent that pulls me from the abyss… Read more »


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Your low honeyed gravel voice, pitched in sunset tones against my ear, is echoed in the slow sticky molasses drip between my thighs.  Speak, love…  Talk to me.  Tell me what… Read more »

A Winter Scene

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Dazzling snowflakes pattern shadows on the ceiling, Their refracted shards of chandeliered light reflecting back On glowing pink cheeks; Striped satin skin Igniting sparks in sapphire eyes. Get on your… Read more »