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That was then… When I first met the man who would become my husband, we were both very different people.  I was a month shy of 27, did not yet… Read more »


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Crystal dew breaths, visible but not tangible, fade into ether while the sun snuggles into its gray cloud blanket, pushing back the inevitability of dawn’s awakening. And my mind turns… Read more »

Sweet and Lovely Men

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I took an online quiz this morning, answering the questions as my spouse would.  It was for the purpose of determining “what kind of submissive” he was/is. (Consider that introduction… Read more »

O Tannenbaum

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-or- THE LEANING TOWER OF TREE-ZA NOVEMBER 28, 2015 Step One:  Compromise . Step Two:  Exercise I need you to help me carry this thing. Excuse me? I can’t do… Read more »

Love in the Time Of… Laundry?

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Between the heat and the cool, the quiet and the conversation, the holding out and the holding on, the new and the familiar, there are moments… Undefined. Moments of touch…