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Knee Socks

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  The Late Afternoon I pull the soft of my over-the-knees up my calves and slide my arms into the sleeves of his blue shirt, buttoning it once at the… Read more »

Pleasure From Pain

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{This is PART THREE of three.  Click the links for PART ONE ♦ PART TWO} It was cool for July, but the sweltering between my thighs was all the heat we needed,… Read more »

Learning a Lover

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It is a beautiful unfolding, this process.  Like so many sexual petals unfurling.  It is an exquisite evolvement, a fragile flowering. Learning a lover. It is one of my favorite… Read more »

Cock Size: Does it matter?

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I’m going to let you in on two pieces of wisdom here, people: Cock size matters. It matters in a different way than you’ve been conditioned to understand.