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How To Melt An Ice Cube

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Step One:  Pinken/redden one bottom to the point of “beyond rosy.”  Rosiness will vary according to spanker preference.  Solid, stinging wallops advised. Step Two:  Scratch nails over recently-rosy’ed flesh to… Read more »

I need a linguistic assistant.

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Behind closed doors, where terminology is often changing, the terms themselves and what the heck is associated with them is sometimes confusing.  In the legal discipline, an example of it… Read more »

Sweet Child O’ Mine (by Fatal Syndrome)

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Seduction…  *is* Fatal It can be hard to seduce him, my Sir, because when he wants me, he has me. There is no tease and denial in our relationship, no… Read more »

Crime And Punishment

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I have never watched this show, but I stumbled across this video on a blog recently (can’t remember where or when, or I’d give credit), and in honor of Wenchie’s… Read more »

Miss Behave

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Under the warm covers, my cool fingertips caressed his bare tummy, unwittingly eliciting a bark of laughter.  The tickle was unintentional, but I love to hear him laugh (and I… Read more »

Smucking The Smotch

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SMACK! This morning the Mister’s ass was too tempting to resist, SMACK! so I did what any Switch of a spouse would do, SMACK! and woke him up with a… Read more »