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That’s how the memory of summer feels. I can’t wait to shed the layers imposed by these monochrome winter days and once more seek the heat of summer delights. .


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The temperature is climbing already this morning, in a hurry to reach its high.  Smotch is outside being a Good Steward Of The Land, and I am…  Not. I sit… Read more »

I am tense… Open… Waiting…

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Up on my toes… It’s been ages since we last played this way. Bent slightly at the waist… But the body remembers. Thighs trembling… And you know I will always… Read more »

So. Fucking. HOT.

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I am dripping… My thighs are damp… My skin is on fire… I. Am. Burning. Up. Summer has definitely arrived. 😉 Clothing, on the other hand, has gone away. 😛

Because It Amuses Me

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Prehistoric Porn Pictures presents THE SWINGIN’ STONES:  Summer Sexcapades Guaranteed to light your fire on a cold winter’s day. 😉 Wanton Wednesdays will return to their regularly scheduled programming next week…. Read more »

Day 259 – Temperature Rising

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I couldn’t NOT reblog this photo. Not only is it a spectacular shot, it has my (blog’s) name written all over it.  😀 If you like what you see here,… Read more »