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A Life Less Monogamous

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-OR- Swinging Will Totally Save Your Marriage(!) {and I will happily sell you my oceanfront property in Utah} ‚ô¶ A short while ago,¬†I was approached by Cooper S. Beckett¬†(founder of… Read more »


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Recommended Reading Be prepared for an emotional reaction. Your content-related thoughts, questions, comments, and conversation are welcome.

Getting Off The Merry-Go-Round: Playing With The Swing Set

DISCLAIMER:¬† This post¬†has been written with positive intentions, for the purpose of sharing information.¬† It was¬†not written to educate, infuriate, irritate, or otherwise annoy.¬† I am not an expert, and… Read more »

Wanton Wednesday: Kinky Fuckery Edition

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WARNING:¬† Cartoon porn included within.¬† Proceed at your own risk. Before we begin, some introductions are in order. Everybody?¬† This is Nate:¬† ¬† (Nate is has a research monkey.¬† He… Read more »

And that’s how I know that condoms make great pony-tail holders.

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A Feve-some Threesome For Wenchie, because she asked. And in case you need help figuring these things out:  This post is NSFW.

Sex With Sybian

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The events of this post took place at a (gasp!) swing club, where, amongst other things, I had amazing sex (double gasp!!) with my husband¬† in front of (triple gasp!!!)… Read more »