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I am laying against him in the bubbly bath water, my front to his front, my arms hugging his waist and head under his chin, relaxed and content and post-orgasmically… Read more »


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I remember our first discussions about anal sex. His hesitancy.  The curiousity, tinged with pre-emptively contingent BUTs. His knee-jerk reaction to a question I hadn’t even posed.  “I don’t want to… Read more »

Naked Eyes

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His fingers push and flex, scissoring their stretch against my tender swollen folds; mine press and swirl, rocking my sensitive clit against my pubic bone.  My cunt is dripping our… Read more »

Return To Sender

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Dear Da, My Love, To Whom It Hello, Stranger. For that is, in fact, who you have become.  Of your own accord.   Communications between us once flowed like glacial… Read more »