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Gather No Moss

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BEFORE . It’s very difficult for an artist to survive especially his first change, which is inevitable.  I mean, you can go on being the same as you started, but… Read more »

Hiding and Coming Out

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A Guest Post by Kanienke Kanienke is, to paraphrase Shrek, sort of like an onion.  To say he has layers is an understatement; just don’t expect those layers to have… Read more »

Coming Out Party

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I have been doing a lot of thinking lately around the topic of Coming Out. There are so many things that we, as individuals, are closeted about (sexuality and sexual… Read more »

What does it take?

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To be with me . . . There is no simple answer.  No recipe, no formula.  No cookie cutter.  No outline. But there are requirements. Imperatives. Essentials. Expectations. The first… Read more »


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by Vixen Incognola This post is part of a guest series.  For more information, see here. . . I am the writer of my story- My Life’s Story – and my… Read more »