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James Garfield is a sexy mofo. And so the hell am I.

Meet James Garfield: Long story short:  The Bloggess, who is kinda crazy and super awesome (crawsome!) is hosting her Seventh (7th!!!!!!!) Annual James Garfield Miracle, and as a result, hundreds… Read more »

My Favorite Things: Gift Edition

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~ also known as ~ COOL SHIT TO GIVE PEOPLE FOR CHRISTMAS DISCLAIMER, blah-blah:  None of this content is sponsored.  These are just my thoughts and opinions.  If you don’t agree…… Read more »

O Tannenbaum

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-or- THE LEANING TOWER OF TREE-ZA NOVEMBER 28, 2015 Step One:  Compromise . Step Two:  Exercise I need you to help me carry this thing. Excuse me? I can’t do… Read more »