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Alone on my deck, surrounded by the quiet goings-on of my neighborhood, I revel in the erotic perceptions of sensory contrapositions.  The sun massages its heat into my skin while… Read more »

One Helluva Ride

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I am awash in sensation, my nipples pebbled wantonly against the soft cotton of my sundress.  Lucchese leather dress boots decorate my legs…which are pressed together at the knee…forcing my… Read more »

Getting Off The Merry-Go-Round: Playing With The Swing Set

DISCLAIMER:  This post has been written with positive intentions, for the purpose of sharing information.  It was not written to educate, infuriate, irritate, or otherwise annoy.  I am not an expert, and… Read more »

Wanton Wednesday: Smooch

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Yes, that’s the Mister.  And yes, he’s wearing clothes.   While I (as usual) am not. Naked is the new black!  And skin is always in… Happy Wanton Wednesday!

Wanton Wednesday: Mount Fever

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I love this photo because it *shows* very little, while simultaneously *revealing* much. Someone made a comment on a recent post about ‘looking down upon Mount Fever.’ However, when it… Read more »


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Slick evidence of my earlier orgasm coats the pale snow and night-black lace of my inner thighs; the pearlescent glimmer on stockinged skin mirrors the sparks in your eyes.  I hold your… Read more »