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How To Melt An Ice Cube

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Step One:  Pinken/redden one bottom to the point of “beyond rosy.”  Rosiness will vary according to spanker preference.  Solid, stinging wallops advised. Step Two:  Scratch nails over recently-rosy’ed flesh to… Read more »

Booted Out

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Motorcycle Combat Cowboy Stiletto Rocker Fashion Snow Juicy Lucchese SoHo Bare Traps 9 West Tony Llama Stitched Scrunched Steel-Toed Buckled Suede Over-The-Knee 11″ Shaft Ankle Calf Work Dance Ride Fuck

87 Frames

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That’s how many photos I took that day. And the snippet of film that I liked the best…     …was a complete accident. They say art imitates life. Sometimes… Read more »


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Colorful (adj) as in multi-hued:  bright, intense**, picturesque, prismatic, rich, vibrant, vivid **see also:  desirous, impassioned, powerful, profound as in bold:  eye-catching, lively, spirited, striking as in bright:  clear, glowing,… Read more »