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Wanton Wednesday: Legscetera

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Approximately 25% of the people who find this blog do so by searching for ‘legs’, so I figured, Why not?  Give the people what they want! For more about Wanton Wednesdays,… Read more »


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Plunge in, drink it down, let it wash over you, cry it out, soak it up… Water. (Oh… Erm… Did you think I was talking about something else? *Grin*) It’s… Read more »

Wanton, Not Wednesday

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Scenario A:  Sometimes life throws you curves.  And those curves can’t always be measured in terms of bra size. (Not that I want you laboring under the misconception that I’m… Read more »


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Pondering the power of language… I was reading Julie Garwood (Heartbreaker) yesterday and came across this piece of dialogue between two characters.  I found it amusing: Him:  You wear your skirts… Read more »

Wanton Wednesday: Tangled Up In You

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Is he wrapped around my finger?  Maybe…  But I’m wrapped around his waist.  😉 For more Wanton Wednesday photos, please visit my blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wanton Wednesday: Coming Undone

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A song about ‘favorite things’ comes (heh) to mind… Blue satin sashes are definitely one of my favorite things. Yes, dear readers, today is Wednesday.  No, my friends, I didn’t forget. … Read more »