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Twigs and Stumps and Trunks, Oh My!

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Some may look at this photo and see a downed tree. I see a semi-prone man (on the left) up on his forearms about to dine between his lady’s (on the… Read more »

Purple Mountain's Majesty

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Sssshhhhhh…. Just look. I think I’m going to call this series ‘Mount Rainier in Junuary’. It was cold, rainy, muddy, and buggy.  There was snow.  SNOW!  There were spiders, chipmunks, ill-behaved unleashed… Read more »

Rough Ride

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We are living ‘unplugged’ in a cabin for four days, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be posting much (lack of wi-fi and no cell signal makes it a bit difficult),… Read more »