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Wanton Wednesday: Smooch

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Yes, that’s the Mister.  And yes, he’s wearing clothes.   While I (as usual) am not. Naked is the new black!  And skin is always in… Happy Wanton Wednesday!

Wanton Wednesday: Mount Fever

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I love this photo because it *shows* very little, while simultaneously *revealing* much. Someone made a comment on a recent post about ‘looking down upon Mount Fever.’ However, when it… Read more »

Year End, Rear End

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Year end…  Rear end of the year… Same difference, really. 😀 Naughty or Nice:  Define Naughty (I am now the proud owner of this sign.  ;)) Hmmm…  Let’s review:   … Read more »

Wanton Wednesday: Puzzle or Pretzel?

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Hmmm… Well, it’s definitely twisted…  And there are interlocking pieces!  😉 Happy Wanton Wednesday! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.  I wish you safe travels and safe… Read more »

"Why, it's a Major Award!"

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LOVE A Christmas Story!  I have no idea where this leg lamp label originated, but *I* hijacked it from this blog (with her knowledge, of course!) for use in this… Read more »