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F/m Radio (a D/s playlist)

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[Continued from Previous Post]

While diving into the topic of D/s titles in my last post, I found myself digging through albums and playlists, looking for songs that spoke to me in terms of my overall relationship dynamics.

The results were…

Sadly lacking.

Oh sure, there are playlists all over YouTube full of Fifty Shades of Shinola tunes and there seem to be an abundance of songs – and articles about them – that have been tailored to female submissives.  There are also plenty of so-called “girl power” anthems about which much ado has been made.

But songs by or about dominant women?  Not “I’m a bitch queen and you better like it” songs, but happy songs about power exchange?  With a tune that’s catchy and lyrics that are uplifting?  Songs that exude sincerity and affection and FUN?


Not so much.

And and and:  What about sexy songs with a switchy twist?

That would be a NOPE.

So I’ve chosen to do something about that.  (Surprise, surprise!)  😉

Below is a selection of linked song titles with snippets of their applicable lyrics, listed one by one, that tend to make me a bit melty.  If you’re into that sort of thing, read on.  (Or if you just want the playlist as a whole, scroll to the end.)

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Sweet Music To My Ears: On Titles & Relationship Dynamics


When I think of names and titles, especially as relates to romantic or sexual relationships that encompass any form of power exchange, I often think of the word ‘dynamics’.


What are ‘dynamics’?

In any system, the forces exerted on the system – from within or without – that relate to motion or equilibrium, are referred to as dynamics.  Any thing that *is* ‘dynamic’ is, as a result of those forces, always changing.

A dynamic language is a living language, because it is not static; it is constantly developing.

Dynamics in physics have to do with force.  It is a mathematical study of the rules of motion.

In music, the term ‘dynamics’ refers to the changes in loudness.  These changes are relative – to the instrument, to the size of the room in which it is being played, to that instrument’s position of importance to the piece; to the mood of the occasion, to the specificity of the composer; to the change in degree of loudness or intensity as compared to what sounded immediately before – and are often open to interpretation.

Dynamics in relationships are often reflective of all those things.  The vocabulary used to describe the relationship changes over time.  Nicknames (in general) and titles (whether arbitrary or honorific) are often part of that vocabulary change, and (perhaps especially) when they relate to power/force, there are rules attached.

And, as in music, there is a certain ‘loudness’ to titles.

To wit:

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Where do sex toys go to die?

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(and other questions whose answers are imperative to maintaining order in the universe)

Sutera Belle: silicone bunny-shaped vibrator

Meet Belle.

Belle is a sex toy.  A fun pink buzzy novelty of a sex toy.  Made of velvety silicone and shaped like a bunny, Belle is…


Adorable, and completely useless.


Oh, sure Belle WORKS.

The ears are even insert-able if one wishes to take the time for some plastic gymnastics in the middle of a wank.

And the ‘nose’ could sort of work as a button to vibrate a lady’s…button…if, y’know, the controls were on the back side of the vibe.  Which…  They are not.

The thing is, as sex toys go, Belle has possibilities.

Or she *could* have possibilities anyway, in the right hands.

Those hands, however, are not mine.  Apparently.

So, cute as she may be, I need to get Belle the Bunny off of my hands.

Which begs the question:  What does one do with sex toys that are just…  Not?

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This weekend’s forecast:

Mostly clear, with a possibility of furries.

High probability of photo bombing.

He never poses when I *want* him to.

But just let the camera flash go off when he’s NOT the intended subject.

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