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Mrs Fever   September 25, 2016   1 Comment on (Re)Verse

~ i like my body when it is with your body. ~

It is the back of your bare ribcage, a hair’s breath from the front of my own as I wrap around you from behind, that tickles first my skin and then my unconscious to a slow sensual wake.  Feather-soft brushes of your back against my nipples harden them with each insufflation, and when I press my breasts against you, your spine between them, I feel you shudder with pleasure before you move, leaning your weight back into me.

A glance at the clock’s numbers glowing softly bright against the surrounding dark tells me it is far too early to rise, but my body – whether from last night’s post-sex shared pheromones or too-real dreams imagined in small hours – does not know any better.  It is roused.  I am aroused.  And I intend to have my way with you.

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Gather No Moss

Mrs Fever   September 20, 2016   No Comments on Gather No Moss



It’s very difficult for an artist to survive especially his first change, which is inevitable.  I mean, you can go on being the same as you started, but you’ll die inside.  And the time that you make your first change, like when Dylan went electric at Forest Lawn, you have the wrath of your fans because they don’t want you to stay the same, and yet they don’t know that if you don’t change, they’ll get tired of you.  You have to change.

~ Joni Mitchell




Find your lesson.


Live it.


Mrs Fever   September 16, 2016   6 Comments on Sliver

icy pine needles

Needle-sharp icy

shards pinprick memories of

unkept promises.


In the night, even in dreams,
she no longer speaks his name.

Elust #86

Mrs Fever   September 15, 2016   No Comments on Elust #86

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Welcome to Elust 86

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

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Rupert Campbell-Black and me…


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Yes I’m a Sexblogger and No I don’t care about your dick

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