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Shea it isn’t so!

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Two swipes of shea butter – one across each lip – then a press and a moue.

That’s it.

It takes me two seconds to ‘do my lips’.

(High maintenance, I am not.)

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At My Feet

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Some people have the world at their feet.

I have you.

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I put my pants on…

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…one leg at a time.

triptych of nude woman in process of putting pants on

Just like everyone else.

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Bearly Dressed

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nude woman reclining in bed with bear slippers on feet


*phone rings*


Oh hello. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you til later.

Oh? Well sometimes finishing early is a good thing…


Mhmm. Yes.

Me? I’m just… Relaxing.

What am I wearing? Did you really just ask me that? How very unexpectedly phone-sex-y of you!


Well, I can’t help it, darling. You’re funny.

You really want to know?

I’m wearing…


No, that’s not all I’m wearing. Not…exactly.

Hmmm?  Well, you might say I’m bearly dressed.

Mm. Yes, barely.

So you’re on your way over?

Okay, drive safe. And…

What? Yes, of course I’m ‘ready’ – are you?




Try not to get too distracted thinking of me wearing my… Teddy.

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A waterfall of curls, cascading in a roaring froth of sun-brightened white…


nude woman laying on her stomach with curly hair cascading over her shoulder


Sinful Sunday


Chasing Christmas

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A grinch, I am not.

I love Christmas.  It always arrives too quickly and leaves too soon.

And much the way I scramble after baubles when they drop (or are batted down – thank you, kitty) from the tree, I find myself chasing Christmas – at least in spirit – throughout the year.

nude woman smiling dropped Christmas ornaments

Sometimes, sans clothing.


Mirror Image

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abstract mirrored/flipped half-body image of nude woman taking cell phone photo