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Contemplating My Navel

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I’m tired tonight.  Not the kind of tired that is bone deep, but the kind that is just deep enough.  Deep enough to drift but not dream, to gaze but not see.

And so gaze I do.

At my belly button.

Propped against my pillows, shoulders slightly elevated, I look down my torso and contemplate my navel.

Tracing my fingers over my dragon tattoo, I let my eyes trail where my fingers lead.  In slow sweeping motions, my fingertips follow the contour of my ink, and I watch as though from afar while the pad of my ring finger swirls around the edges of my belly button.

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Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2016

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(And I’m on it!)


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My Favorite Things: Gift Edition

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DISCLAIMER, blah-blah:  None of this content is sponsored.  These are just my thoughts and opinions.  If you don’t agree…  There is an ass for every seat, etc., yadda yadda.  Images are borrowed from relevant websites.

Gift giving (and receiving!) is one of my all-time favorite things.  Finding *just* the right gift – for mother, lover, friend, colleague – especially for Christmas, is a treasure hunt I’ve always enjoyed.  As I’ve gotten older, the who/how/what of gifting has changed significantly for me, which has – in some ways – made things easier.  But as time passes, gifting has also – in other ways – gotten a lot more difficult.

This year I was particularly challenged by a few people on my list, but in my search for The Right Gift for them, I ran across some really awesome things to share with you.

Sharing the awesome.  That’s what it’s all about.

(The world would be a better place if we all did a little more of that, eh?)

So, without further ado:  Here is your Holiday Gift Guide Full Of Awesome for 2016.

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When the tide goes out, thousands of starfish, having crept close to shore in search of food, are stranded on the beach. Every day at low tide, a man walks along the sand, picking up the starfish one by one and returning them to the water.

One day, a stranger happens along and observes this ritual. Puzzled, the stranger questions the man. “Why are you doing this?” asks the stranger. “You can’t possibly make a difference.”

The man returns another starfish to the water, smiles at the stranger, and responds. “I made a difference to that one.”

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

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. . . Manfred often fantasizes about role reversal . . .

Get Stuffed



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