A Darker Shade of White

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I love to sunbathe.  Love, love, love it…

The heated kisses of the sun on my skin are cooled by a sensual breeze, and I am equal parts relaxed and aroused.  Energized and exhausted.

And I freely admit that yesterday I was…

How shall I put this?


Determinedly lazy.  😉

I spent the first day of summer basking in the sun.  Carefully so.  (Fifty Shades of Gray might be all the rage, but fifty shades of pink is not.  At least not where sunburn is concerned.  We can talk about spanking another time…)  My Norwegian heritage shines through (perhaps ‘glows’ would be a better descriptor here) in my fair skin, so I am liberal with the sunscreen and I don’t exactly tan, per se.

But there is something very sexy about the skin-on-skin contrast between alabaster and a darker shade of white.

And besides…

Mr. Fever has a lot of fun untying the strings on this particular swimsuit.  😉

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