Wanton, Not Wednesday

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Scenario A:  Sometimes life throws you curves.  And those curves can’t always be measured in terms of bra size.

(Not that I want you laboring under the misconception that I’m wearing a bra.  Because I’m not.)

Scenario B:  My mouth occasionally has a mind of its own.  And while that can lead to grandiose oral fun, it can also lead to taking on more than I should.  Saying yes, Yes, YES! in bed and yes, yeeees, yeeeessssss… where work is concerned are two very different things.  With two completely different sets of…erm…consequeces.  😉

So when you add A plus B, whattaya get?



You C (see) a very, very tired Feve.

So tired, in fact, that I forgot what day it was yesterday.

No worries.  Wanton Wednesday will return to its regularly scheduled program next week.

I think.




In all honesty, it just depends on the curves.

Meanwhile, since you were cut off from your weekly view of flesh…

…consider this my Ode to Cut-offs.  😉