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Before the assertion of independence

I remember the way

Led to isolation, accusation, and recriminations…

You could make me shudder

Before the anger, the animosity, the insanity…

With one breeze of your breath on my

Before the twisted, malformed fingers of arthritic love froze in a hateful grip around my


Around our hearts…

And I wonder if the burn, the scar, the singe

Before we were smart

You left on my skin with your lips

Before we *didn’t* say ‘I do’…

Will ever be healed.

We *did* say…

Yessssss…          YES.

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  1. thedreamingsub

    Very creative use of word placement and drawing the eye toward different compositions. I have not seen poetry quite like this before. Nicely done.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Recent events have brought about a clarity of thought(s) I hadn’t previously come to terms with in regards to a past relationship. I figured the written composition should replicate the mental one.

      So this was a therapeutic remembrance of sorts… Not a mourning of what we lost, but rather, an admission of what we became… And, simultaneously, an appreciation for what we once shared.

      I’m glad you liked it.

      1. Bill

        Sure, AFF was pulling some stuff recently, then claimed it was just a glitch. Yeah, just a glitch that only affects standards. It did have me thinking about starting a blog here. Archer must’ve left there too. He disappeared from my watch list and his comments disappeared from my blog. If I do start one here at least I’ll already have one reader. I’ve been more active on the blogs on the weekends. It just feels like I don’t have time during the week.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Yes, Arch has gone elsewhere. He’s got a blog set up here but he’s not posting anything to it right now. We’re pretty good friends and we have an off-line relationship (he sort of…erm…lives…in my phone), so I’m lucky in that I get to talk to him almost every day. Bang is here as well. So are a few others, either as writers or as readers. Furbal was here for a while, but he doesn’t comment anymore so I have no idea if he still reads my posts or not.

          This community is definitely different than AFF, but there are no site censors (I always found it beyond ridiculous that the word ‘pedophile’ was cause for having a post denied, but ‘rape’ was perfectly acceptable to those bastards) and there’s no wait time (it used to take especially long for HNW posts to show up) before a post is viewable. Once I click ‘Publish’ my words are OUT THERE, without the interference of Gremlins or Glitches.

          I will definitely email you when I’m finished working today, Wild. We need to catch up! Meanwhile…

          Hugs and kisses and other displays of affection,

          The Missus


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