Bogie in Black and White

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“You are a liar.”

“I’ve always been a liar,” she says with a sly satisfied smile, and he grins like a ghost playing charades with a charlatan, somehow seeing that the tangled twisted temptress is…  Well.  She just is.  She is Brigid O’Shaughnessy (or so she says), and she’s equal parts liar, thief, murderer, and whore.


“You are a liar.”

“I’ve always been a liar,” she states with candid conspiracy, gleefully appalled by her own admission.

“Well,” replies an amused Sam Spade, his laugh a huff of unexpected breath, hanging in the air between them.


“You are a liar.”

“I’ve always been a liar.”

“Well,” he responds with a laugh, “Don’t brag about it.”


I rewind the scene and play it again…and again…  And am repeatedly amazed ~ 70 years after the movie’s making ~ at Bogie’s brilliance.

There is crystal clarity in the shaded gray of black and white, in the hard-boiled soft spots of Hammett’s heros, in the timeless noir of 1941.  So I lose myself in Bogart’s breakthrough role, in Huston’s directorial debut, in the hijinx of high-living lowlifes, and I seek solace there…

If only for a little while.

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Well, if you think *that’s* sexy, you should see me read a book. 😉

      I do it in bed.

      With unbridled passion.


      (Excepting, of course, one necessary accessory: my glasses.)

      Feel free to visualize…

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      This interplay between their characters ~ three simple lines ~ tells you everything you need know about each of them, without really telling you anything at all.

      And then again, at the end, Sam says to Brigid: “I won’t, because all of me wants to.”


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