Wanton, Me… Wantin', Me…

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What do YOU want, hmmm?

Top Down

Happy Wanton Wednesday!

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  1. wildoats1962

    Breasts, thighs, or legs, decisions decisions… They all look finger lickin’ good. The fourth is a day for fireworks, Roman Parties … er CANDLES, glitter and sparkles, …er sparklers, the Young at heart doing German Girls, …er Brats in Kraut. Ah, summer fun, got any TP tubes? Now I know why streaming porn clips are called tube videos.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Have you, now? Hmmm…

      Something tells me that if you had your own boobs (as opposed to moobs), you’d never leave the house. 😉

      Safe travels, lovey.


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