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        1. wildoats1962

          There is a video clip {actually several} that shows a chimp using a frog. I think it was in a zoo in Hawaii, lots of people speaking different languages. The chimp and the audience seemed to be enjoying it, the frog less so. Rather cruel IMO, the clip showing Kermit’s reaction was more amusing, but I still find it more disturbing than entertaining. I won’t include a link. In the film “Dead Girl” one of the films less likable characters learns that it isn’t a good idea to get a blowjob from flesh eating zombies. THAT was more amusing.

  1. wildoats1962

    On facebook there was a thread going between some of my coworkers about tats and piercings. I made mention of the movie American Mary, and the unique individuals that have body modification surgery. Some of the extremes people go to are **disturbing**. I mentioned penile subincision and included a link to wiki. I DID NOT post the thumbnail. I WARNED PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN’T UNSEE THINGS. I specifically said don’t look if it’s possible to traumatize you. I think that causes the rubbernecking gene to kick in. Suffice it to say that you should keep your insides in and your outsides out and don’t go switching them around. And when washing one’s brain it is recommended that the brain be left inside the skull.

    People are starting to think I’m weird, but I’ve never had a “Bagel Head” either.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Bagel… Head…?

      And I reeeaaaaallly don’t want to imagine anyone with a rubber neck. *shudder*

      I feel hypocritical when I get all squidgy about body mod; I have tattoos after all, as well as piercings in my ears ~ and those things are considered by many to be forms of body modification.

      I could say that I am against surgical modification… But that would be hypocritical too. Because while I don’t particularly condone Hollywood-style cosmetic surgery (think: breast implants to four times their natural size & unnecessary nose jobs), I think it is fantastic that breast reconstruction techniques have been developed for cancer survivors and facial modification surgeries are available for people who have suffered trauma or have genetic defects.

      So to say “I’m not into body mod BUT . . . ”


      “I’m against plastic surgery EXCEPT . . . ”

      See? It is a conundrum.


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