And You Give Yourself Away

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When you give someone a gift, it is no longer yours.  You give it and you let go.

What they do with the gift you’ve given is within their power, and theirs alone;
if you are lucky they will treasure it,

– BUT –

they may choose to bury your gift in a drawer or display it on a shelf,
keep it in the closet or lose it between the couch cushions,
share it, tear it, smudge it, store it, break it…

forget about it.

Or, when the gift you’ve given is no longer shiny and new, they may even throw it away.

Even when the gift you’ve given… is YOU.


My hands are tied, my body bruised . . .

. . . She got me with nothing to win and nothing left to lose.

0 thoughts on “And You Give Yourself Away

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      There are certain ways in which it is a joy to give… 😉

      – BUT –

      On a serious note…

      The enjoyment factor notwithstanding, giving *of* yourself – and giving yourself, your true self – to another is a leap of faith. We jump off cliffs, hoping for a net… Or better yet, a pair of waiting arms, to catch us when we dive toward the jagged rocks below.

      But sometimes…

      Sometimes the landing hurts.

      Is that enjoyable?

      I suppose that depends on whether or not you’re a masochist.

      1. Jayne

        I feel for you and I was reaching for words to soften the fall…but that doesn’t work to soften falls on those damn rocks of hardened lava. I’m glad you have someone there to take care of you while you mend. xoxo, Jayne