Give Me

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Your weight

The thick fog
Slick, wet
Miles of road
Between us, not a breath
Could fit

Tightly twined
I hold
Your body against my
Reverberates in
The tips of my nipples

Abraided by the soft fur of
Your chest
So soft
So rough


Please don’t stop
Filling me
Kissing me

I flutter my eyes open, biting back the moan desperately trying to escape, and the heat of the night meets cold morning light in jarring unreality.

You were with me
Over me
In me
Every step
Every thrust
Every gasp
Every plea
Every need

Until I awoke

Swimming in the
My body weeps
For you

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you, Tom.

      Have you ever had a dream so real you could feel it? All of it?

      There’s a bereft-ness to the silence that greets you upon waking. Finding yourself alone – when you were absolutely certain, before opening your eyes – that you were anything *but* alone… Such a startling, stark reality to face.

      But we all must wake eventually. Perhaps one day I’ll master the art of dreaming awake.