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He is shivering heat and thickening hard, willing prey to the beast in me.  The way he shudders in whispering moans ~ speechless ~ and pleads in body-pressing beseeching non-words sends lightning bolts of pleasure coursing through my veins.

I love the way he feels under me.

His sigh is a plea, a please, and as I kiss my way along his jawline, I can feel him – all of him, everything he is to me – willfully submit to my ministrations and he sets my body alight, burning with his fire.  In this moment he is everything I know and the only thing I want.  He is my precious baby boy, my sweet daddy, my dirty fuck toy, my cherished friend.  My pet, my plaything.

My lover.

My Love.

All and none, and everything in between.

I press my cheek against the softness of his beard, and in his ear I breathe the weight and complexity of all he means to me – all he is to me – in one word.  Smooth and low, my voice entenders a single syllable that makes him gasp as his arms tighten around me and his body rocks in response:


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  1. wildoats1962

    Eternity in the moment, if one could travel in time that moment exists forever. That’s how we make our own Heaven and Hell. It’s so much more pleasant to pick Heaven.