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1774 ~ The first Continental Congress convened in Virginia

1843 ~ Lexiconographer Noah Webster (Webster’s Dictionary) died

1888 ~ Athlete Jim Thorpe was born

1900 ~ A solar eclipse occured

1946 ~ The first night game was hosted at Yankee Stadium (the Yanks lost)

1961 ~ Amnesty International was founded

1976 ~ The Allman Brothers broke up (the band reformed in ’78)

2013 ~ Truth in Advertising turns out to be a real thing

2014 ~ I couldn’t sleep and my mind was on pussy (shocking, I know)

I can’t sleep tonight either.  Sigh.  Sometimes it’s a thing.  And kitty-licious is snoring at me.  It’s like being mocked by a wet-nosed fur coat.  Grrr…

Meh.  If you can’t beat ’em, blog ’em.  At least long enough to make your eyelids relax.