Surprise!: Part Two

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Continued from the previous post:


(Written by my hubby)

I wanted to kiss Kate but decided to wait. I put my hand on Janice’s ass and began rubbing it. She did not flinch at all. It’s as if she expected me there, even wanted me there. I moved in between her legs up into her vagina. I’ve never felt it so moist!

She had to stop a moment and take in the pleasure of my touch but quickly returned to her task. She stopped again once I touched her clit; it was too much for her to not take in the pleasure.

I took my fingers away so she could focus on Kate. I wanted Kate to cum, I wanted to watch her, and I had an idea that I felt might help Kate cum. I took her foot and placed her big toe in my mouth, my hand feeling her legs down to her thighs. Janice was kind of in the way but I kept going until I reached under Janice’s chin and placed a finger gently against Kate’s anus.

It was the jolt of pleasure she needed. She lurched, she squealed, she squirted all over Janice’s face. It spurt up over Janice’s shocked face and spewed all over my shirt. It would not stop. I inserted my finger up in to her ass like a hot poker in a dish of butter. The moment filled us with joy and laughter…and lust. I had wanted Kate to cum but I got much more that that.

“Oh! Oh! I cannot believe what just happened,” Janice said.

Ha! Janice was sopping wet from girl juice running down her chest, dripping off her nipples. I saw the excitement in her eyes as she licked Kate’s juices off her lips.

I kept my finger in Kate and began stroking the inside top of her ass hole about three inches in. Her face was so beautiful I could not contain my desire to pull myself free and plunge myself into her. After pulling my finger out of her ass, off went my pants and my penis stood tall over the women.

They both looked at each other and laughed. “HA! So, it’s all about you now, eh!”

“Oh, sorry…I…just…”

Kate solved the awkwardness by taking me wholly into her mouth. I felt so good…. I mean, it felt reeeeaaally good to have her mouth on me after such an amazing display of female sexuality.

Raw nature, a pure display of the sensual side of mother nature at its finest.

I felt small within their power as women together. A double source of femininity devouring my manhood, sucking the marrow from my bone, as I felt Janice reach up and cup my balls. “May I?” my wife murmured to Kate.

“Of course dear, he is your special man.”

Kate took my cock and placed it in Janice’s mouth.  She sucked me like a virtuoso playing a furioso on a wooden flute. Maybe she felt appreciation for my tolerance of her exploratory ventures into bisexuality. She was always good at blow jobs but this had new extra vigorous intentions that shook the core of my control. I felt my semen rising from my unlimited stores of man juice. My eyes were squinting and my cock was swelling. I grabbed her face and pulled myself from the fleshly vacuum just in time before I reached the point of no return. I knew I wanted to be fully charged till each woman came; I always fancied myself a gentleman in that regard.

Years of experience took over as I focused on Janice – she saw me coming. I flipped her onto her stomach and swatted her bum five times real hard.

Each swack startled Kate. She was fascinated at the aggressive/submissive attitudes.

I knew 5 in a row was Janice’s breaking point so I moved to her next weakness. She wore a bob these days so I grabbed what I could. I did not tear at her but tugged her head back in a soft rugged grip. Kate took the cue I sent her and positioned herself in front of Janice, thrusting her breasts into Janice’s face and simultaneously taking over the hair pulling by grabbing the back of Janice’s head.

I knew Janice was soaking wet, so I plunged in deep, one stroke, and parted her channel with a tug on her hips towards me. I wanted her beyond belief. I backed out and gave her 5 quick pulses. (5 has always worked for her.) Kate kissed Janice long and deep with her hands still pulling her hair. Watching he two of them locked together, I knew I would not last long.

I know every nerve ending inside Janice’s vagina. I took the tip of my cock and ever so slowly penetrated her lips, easing the ridge of my cock head along her tender slippery sensors. I felt her involuntary spasms, the out of control bucks…fucks, you could say. Kate was kissing her so deep and with such passion, I knew we had her. I sped up as I watched the arches of Janice’s back, timed it just right, and slipped my finger into her asshole.

Her orgasm made her cry; the rush was so full that she flung her body around madly, slapping her arms on the bed and pleading for us to never stop. I released myself into My Love with full compliance and abandonment. My buttocks squeezed every ounce of cum I could muster into her before I crumbled onto her.

We laid there for an hour, each of us just soaking up the time we spent together. A few kisses between us assured the remembrance as reality: This is real.

We had not talked much but communicated with caresses as we spooned. Finally, I said, “Shower?” We all laughed and jumped from the bed ready for a much needed cleansing.

“I’ll be the first to drop the soap!” Kate yelled.

We piled into the bathroom like kids at a pool on the first day of summer.

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    To Hubs: Somebody asked me if this was based on actual events or if it was a product of your imagination.

    I said, “Yes.” 😛

    Great job, babe.


    To Everyone Else: No, my name is not Janice. 😉
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