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close-up of nude woman's derriere

For some reason, I seem to attract men who are attracted to my ass.  Whether this has more to do with my ass in specific or with their ass-y fascinations in general is anyone’s guess.  Butt (heh) the fact remains:  I attract Ass Men.  (Sounds like a superhero group out of a kinky comic, doesn’t it?)

There are various permutations of genus Preferentious Assus Mannus (Ass Men), but the species is easily dividable into two primary groups:

(1) Those who ask, “What can that ass do for me?”, and

(2) Those who ask not what that ass can do for them, but what they can do for that ass.

And then there are those who fall into Primary Group (1) or (2) and then further differentiate into a mixed subgroup all its own:  Ass Kissers.

Ass kissing has gotten a bad rep in terms of ladder-climbing group dynamics.  But I have to say that when it comes to one-on-one interactions, it can be rather enjoyable.  I’ve been on both the giving (rare) and receiving (often) end of ass kissing activities.  And as long as I’m in the proper mood (and am not experiencing questionable digestive burblings), the sensations on the receiving end can fall anywhere between mildly enjoyable and extremely arousing on the Spectrum of Sexy.

And what, exactly, you are wondering, do you mean by ‘ass kissing’, Feve?

A few examples:

The Chaste Kiss:  close-mouthed soft-lipped smooches, usually on the cheek{s}

Little Love Nips:  more than a kiss, not quite a bite, typically traced over with tongue, often on the sensitive flesh where gluteus maximus meets vastus laterilus (or is it tractus iliotibialis… I forget)**

Lickity Flickety:  gliding the tongue along the crease and/or around the anus, with the possibility of flat-tongue slapping the rim on the downward stroke during vertical ministrations

And then, of course, there is Full-On Ass-Eating, which is all of the above combined with anal penetration by tongue accompanied by ardent “num num” noises, rather like cacophonous anal French kissing.  In other words:  ANALINGUS.

There are a few things that make analingus enjoyable for me, and if my partners are in the aforementioned Primary Group (2), Subgroup: Ass Kissers, odds are we’ll have a good time.

{If, however, a man (and I can only speak to my experience with men – my ass has never been a big thing to other women) falls into the Her Ass Is All About MY Pleasure category, he can go ride a dung dildo.}

I do not assume to be a Typical Prototype where the female species is concerned, but if you’re considering trying analingus with your partner (and it has to be with a partner, for alas, humans are not as flexible as catsif only we could lick our own bits!), you might find the following to be helpful.

What Works For Me

A Slow Buildup:  Gradually work your way up from a chaste kiss and pay attention to my responses.  Don’t assume that getting to Lickety Flickety is going to lead to Full-On Ass-Eating.  As a matter of fact, don’t assume you’ll even get to Lickety Flickety.  It’s my pleasure, and my prerogative.

Whole Body Approach:  I have to already be aroused for me to want you to kiss my ass, so that means you must pay attention to the rest of my body, both before and during anal-oral ministrations.  And “the rest of my body” is not limited to my vagina.  I have a gazillion inches of skin.  Don’t stop touching me.

Communication:  What do you want from this experience?  Why does it turn you on?  (And if it doesn’t turn you on, what the fuck are you doing it for?)  Obviously, these are conversations best had prior to the act.  But the bottom (heh) line is:  If you want to do it, we need to talk about it.

Cleanliness:  DUH, right?  But there’s more to it than soaping your bits in the shower.  It’s also about mixed contact.  No anal-to-vaginal contact/penetration!  No matter how well you wash and shave and sanitize, there are frightening little microbes that can spread nasty diseases all too easily.  Yes yes, I know they do it in porn.  But they get paid to take unnecessary risks in the porn industry (having sex without condoms, having multiple orifices penetrated consecutively without washing in between, etc), and last I checked, I was not living in a porno.

Hmmm…  What else?

There are all sorts of tutorials available on the interwebs about anal sex, so I’m not going to get into that here.  If analingus interests you because it’s a stepping stone to anal penetration, I highly recommend you educate yourself on best practices.

As for me…

Sure, anal sex can be fun.  But it’s not high on my sexual To-Do List.

I’m much more likely to tell you to kiss my ass!




Sinful Sunday


**My ass is not the only thing about me that’s well-rounded and muscle-y.

32 thoughts on “Kiss My Ass

  1. Tom

    I’m sure you have a lovely ass, madame (not sure that’s yours in the photo?), but I would guess that the reason you have attracted ass men is that you are open the overtures of ass men, or in common parlance–men. I think that most heterosexual men want ass play to be part of their intimate encounters with women–at least to the point of him being allowed to pleasure himself and one hopes her with licking, kissing, tonguing, fingering, and even fucking her ass. How many of these one will be allowed to do changes from one partner to the next and, as you note, from one time to the next, depending on cleanliness, what was for dinner, et cetera. But the fact is, there are many, many women who will deny the whole panoply of rear-oriented festivities. I know, because I have known too many of them. Now that I am on my own again and ‘shopping around,’ I have made it a particular goal to avoid partners who say no to more of the things two people can do together than they say yes to. Ass-related enjoyments are all too often some of the first to be eschewed, which I find, if not a deal breaker, at least a consideration. I mean, I won’t break up with a woman because she won’t let me lick her ass, provided she has a great personality, is a good dancer, all that . . . but still.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Yes, that’s my derriere on display above. 🙂

      I sometimes wonder if het-male (f)assination has to do with its lack of accessibility. As you say, many women say “no” to anal play, and it’s common for people to want what they’ve been told they cannot have. Pop-Psych 101.

      I have been disappointed by the number of het men I’ve encountered who are eager to play with a woman’s ass, but who squick and freak and find their manhood/masculinity threatened by the idea of a woman playing with theirs. I wouldn’t call it a ‘rule’ exactly, but my general opinion is: If you want to play with my ass, I get to play with yours too. (And usually first.)

      1. Tom

        There again I think you’d be an exception. I have always been open to being anally probed by willing partners, but reactions to the suggestion fall roughly into three camps:
        1. No.
        2. ‘If you want me to . . .’–which is probably worse than no. I make the suggestion as something we might both enjoy, not a service I’m asking you to perform. I very much enjoy exploring all your ‘forbidden’ areas, wouldn’t you like to have a go?
        3. Okay, but with no experience or understanding of how it’s done. In general, women don’t penetrate men during sex. When they try they are usually tentative, shy, too stingy on the lubricant, all of which leads to a less than exalting experience.
        I just don’t think women fantasize about this particular treat as much as men, even though it’s one area where both sexes are similarly equipped. I currently have a lover who has in the last few weeks begun to put a finger in my ass during intercourse, and she is clearly turned on by it, which in turns makes me very excited. That, my friends, is a keeper. It’s not the act so much as whether it actually gets your partner hot.

        By the way–lovely tush!

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Yes, I’m exceptional. 😛

          Re: #3 ~ This is one of the reasons I have a “me first” attitude with regards to anal penetration. Because guys can be shy and awkward and not know how to do it properly too, so if they’re on the receiving first they’re more likely to lube properly and to NOT go deep and fast, because they’ve experienced what it’s like, and what THEY like.

          So glad you have found a compatible partner! 🙂

  2. Molly

    This is a great post. What a gorgeous bottom you have, I can totally see why men have been attracted to it. As for analingus, I need to write my post but I will hint that it will not be as positive about this kink as yours is


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thanks! I’m really interested to see what people have to say on the topic, and I’m especially curious about how/if humiliation feeds into this kink for folks.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I think it’s something a lot of people shy away from (or are outright opposed to), so even a bit of dabbling probably makes you more experienced than most. 🙂

  3. Polthus Xander

    Wow – I knew this would be a hot discussion, but the picture of your lovely ass was an unexpected treat. I’m most definitely an ass man, and this post will account for the next fifteen minutes of flushed, non-productive daydreaming…


    Thanks for sharing this bit of you – mental and physical!


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