How do you get in those jeans? (And baby, how do I?)

view of woman's jeans-clad legs in mirror


Jeans are like cocks.

They come in all different weights, colors, textures, and sizes.
And it feels damn good when they fit just right.



There’s just something about denim.  The way it’s rough when its new but softens and molds to my form over time calls to mind the hand of a learning lover and the comfortable confidence of an ever-more-familiar friend.  It’s east coast attitude and midwestern sensibility, southern charm and California cool.  Denim can be stiff or stretchy, lightweight or heavy-threaded, loose or tight.  It’s durable and practical and can be dressed up or down for almost every occasion, and it is – by far – my favorite fabric.

Jeans are, in a word, sexy.

But they have to fit.

Too snug, too high in the waist, too short, two sizes too big…

No.  No, that’s not sexy at all.

But when they FIT…

When they ride just below my belly button, flowing loose-legged, softly stroking my skin when I walk, I feel good.  Comfortable, capable, confident.  Paired with Vans or Lucchese boots or five inch Juicy suede heels, I can wear them for anything, from field work to stage performance to kinky explorations, and feel damn good doing it.  Black skinnies with ballet flats for the classroom, soft-worn bootcuts with trainers for a trek in the woods, or cut-offs with flip-flops for a day of fun in the summer sun; jeans are uniquely multi-purpose, and they work and play as hard as I do.

I feel good in jeans.

And when I want out of them…

Or want to get my partner out of theirs 😉 …

The unbuckling of the belt, the slide of leather through loops, the pull of denim over hips…

The seduction, the urgency…

crop of woman's unbelted jeans in mirror

Taking them off?

Yes.  That feels damn good too.



To that end:


Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “How do you get in those jeans? (And baby, how do I?)

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Jeans are a funny thing. I hate shopping for them, because “the perfect fit” is SO hard to find! But once I find a pair that work, putting them on is like coming home. 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Unfortunately, in the world of women’s clothing, styles change rapidly. Usually, once I find a brand/type that “fits,” I buy several pair, because odds are, next time I go jeans shopping, they will no longer be available. o_O

    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      I have two pair right now that I *love* and it’s coming up on time to replace them. But they are three years old, and the style has been discontinued. Grrr!

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      “Stock up” seems to be a necessity for a lot of ladies, it seems.

      Do you find that clothes shopping is much different in the states compared to at home? I remember when I was in Australia, there were hardly any chain stores – Australian or otherwise – but there was a Payless (U.S. shoe store) that sold very different product than I was accustomed to seeing at home.

      1. Molly

        Very different in the USA. For a start it is much cheaper as everything here has 20% sales tax and on top of that costs are just higher and so are prices. Also the sizes are completely different. I am shoe size 4 in the UK and that is a 6 in the USA. Clothes are the same, sizes are different and took me a while to work it all out. Oh and you have all the shops, like so many different possible shops.

        Molly recently posted…Perfect FitMy Profile


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