Awaiting Starlight

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After the feather of lips over flushed flesh, after the swallow of pleasure-infused cries, after the graveled pull forth of pleading desire and the breathy rasp of trapped-throat moans;

Once tongues have delved, and soft-wet / heavy-hard have been worshipfully sacramented in the silk wine devotion of consecrating mouths,

When the slick of my cream stripes his cheeks and the drip from his slit coats my palm…

After unbound wrists have freed greedy fingers to push and twist their marauding demand into my tender resistant depths, fanning fireburst flames in the straining tight behind my navel and pulling primal growls from the depths of my lungs;

While shake-shiver tremors pebble my pinpoint nipples, sending aftershocks of pleasurable not-pain sharply rolling from dry-swallow throat to cream-glistened cunt,

When uneven panting exhalations have given way to susserating sighs and reassuring murmurs of lips against skin…

After the atavistic cry of culmination has bitten sharp-toothed through the crisp night air, tearing through the fire-warmed chill with hot frosted exaltation –

. . . . .

It is then we lie in leg-over-limb silence, climbing up from our floating depths, soft touches stroking flame-shadowed skin…

man's leg draped over woman's in front of fireplace

…awaiting starlight.


Sinful Sunday


NOTE:  The original photo, below, more obviously illustrates that dusky part of not-yet-night.  Thus, awaiting starlight:

original color image of man's leg draped over woman's in front of fireplace

10 thoughts on “Awaiting Starlight

    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      I like the original too but found it really difficult to see, especially on my mobile, so I decided to play with it a bit.

      I’m sort of allergic to technology, so I’ve just now (after 5 years!) figured out that I don’t need special software to watermark my photos, and when I was futzing around with online watermarking, I found some fun free filters to try. 🙂


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