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The Sinful Sunday prompt for June is Outdoor Photography.

view over woman's crossed knees, looking out sliding glass door


This is me, looking out the (curtained, sliding glass) door.



Sinful Sunday


NOTE:  I took this photo at the same time as this one.  After multiple attempts, I consider myself lucky to have gotten either, because my cat was headbutting the camera and photobombing me with his furry cuteness the entire time.  Probably because (1) I was lolling about in his territory (i.e., on the floor), and (2) he was jonesing for a crack mouse (which is what we call his catnip toys).  I’ve left them in the picture as an homage to his catitude.  (That’s his stash, by the leg of the chair.)  😉

18 thoughts on “Looking Out

  1. K.Quinn

    hahaha – and I know what you mean about Kitty. A few years ago I took a partial ‘self portrait’, shall we say. . standing, and my kitty Buster insisted on being in the picture, so he was, in a certain open space. I named it ‘2 Kitties’ hahaha.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thanks. I found some fun (free!) online editing tools. 🙂

      I have a preference for over-the-knees. They’re flirty and fun and somehow not-serious(ly) sexy. So they “fit” me. Plus they’re cozy and comfy. What’s not to like? 🙂

  2. Jaime

    Out the door?

    Well, ok. People are getting cover, with the prompts…

    Anyway, that’s a great shot! And a very fine slice of upper thigh!


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