Peace of Mind

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Peace of mind has never been anything I’ve ever strived for, but…

It’s like happiness, y’know…  Happiness isn’t something that you try to strive for.  It’s the end result of doing something which makes you happy.  You know?  You follow me?

In that same way, peace of mind isn’t something that you strive for.  It’s something that you acquire if you’re doing something that, in the end, that – in the end product or at the end of the line – brings you peace of mind.

~ Bob Dylan, 1984


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2 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you! I appreciate that feedback – I wasn’t sure anyone would notice. 🙂

      I know Robert Zimmerman is not your favorite. 😉 It IS a great quote though. From a somewhat atypical interview.


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