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man's hand, wet from finger-fucking


This photo was taken in the aftermath of the sexy times I wrote about during my celebratory post-a-day* Christmas blogfest.  It’s a bit difficult to see how wet his hand is, but if you take the visible glisten and magnify it by about 17, that should give you an idea.  (And I absolutely LOVE that his fingers are prune-y because he was inside me so long.  😉 )


Sinful Sunday


* If you missed it, and are in need of a little…something…the posts were as follows:

All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…
Four-Finger Fucked (mmmhmmm…)
Merry Melodies
Holiday Cheer
Winter Wonderland


And if you still want MORE

Links to last year’s week of Christmas sexiness can be found here.



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