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mischievous elfin smile

See Also:  Fay, Impish, Mischievous, Nisse, Pixie-ish, Sprite-like, Troublemaker

More than one lover has used ‘elfin’ to describe me.

I’m not quite sure why…

woman with long hair draped over breasts, smiling


Sinful Sunday


28 thoughts on “Elfin

  1. Cousin Pons

    You are positively radiant. Your hair is a lovely colour and with that smile you are giving off a wonderful air of mystery with a hint of mischiefness
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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. My hair has long been a struggle for me. It used to be quite a handful, literally. It was thick and long and unruly, but I liked it; it was “me.”

      And then I went through some health issues back in 2010/11, and lost 2/3 of the hair on my head as a result. It was a drastic change, and one I never quite recovered from. I am just now, all these years later, back to about half the mane I used to have.

      More than you wanted to know, probably. 😉

      But all that to say, I am truly flattered (and rather stunned) that you would compliment my hair. Thank you. 🙂

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